APHES 2016 - Programme

APHES 2016 – Course Programme

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WEEK1 Monday 4. July Tuesday 5. July Wednesday 6. July Thursday 7. July Friday 8. July
09:00-09:15 Please come at 09:30 Warm up session Warm up session Warm up session Warm up session
09:15-12:30 Registration and welcome

Introduction to epidemiology

   Jose Rodriguez

Rapid assessment for decision making

Jacqueline Frize

Infectious diseases

Gregg Greenough

Disease surveillance

Gregg Greenough

Introduction to

public health in emergencies

Debby Guha-Sapir


What does a humanitarian crisis do to health and how do you know?

Egbert Sondorp

Epidemiology exercises


Jose Rodriguez

Water and sanitation

Joos van den Noortgate

Assessing mortality and causes of death in emergencies

13:30 – 16:00

Bruno Masquelier



Regina Below



Jacqueline Frize

Urban setting emergencies


Gregg Greenough

Outbreak case study


Julita Gil Cuesta


WEEK2 Monday 11. July Tuesday 12. July Wednesday 13. July Thursday 14. July Friday 15. July
09:00-09:15 Warm up session Warm up session Warm up session Warm up session Warm up session

Sampling and survey methods I

Tefera Delbiso

Mental health and

psycho-social support    

Anne Golaz

Food Security

Cyril Lekiefs

Simulation exercice

   Claude de Ville

Written exam

Transiting refugees and migrants:

Health status and life experiences

Iro Evlampidou


Reproductive health

Mandana Mehta


Sampling and survey methods II

Tefera Delbiso

Sphere standards


Jan Weuts 

Simulation exercice

Claude de Ville

Diploma and closing ceremony

Epi Info



Joris van Loenhout


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APHES 2016 – Social Programme

Monday 4. July - 17:45 Welcome Drink (at Cook and Book: http://www.cookandbook.be/)
Wednesday 13. July - 18:00 Aphes Dinner (at Brasserie Kwak - Av.  Emile Vandervelde 2, 1200 Brussels)